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NEW... Therapeutic Massage
Now Available at NuBody!

We are excited to now offer three modalities of Massage Therapy, which can be customized to your individual needs. For added relaxation, aromatherapy and hot towels are included with all massages.
See our Massage Therapy Page for more details and...
Call us today to schedule your
massage appointment 336-389-0001

NEW Upgraded Facials for only $10 More!

NuBody Solutions offers a variety of Basic and Advanced Facials for a variety of skin care needs - See our Skin Care Page for more details. Now we have some exciting new upgrades that can be added for only $10 more. These include:
Caviar Facial: Rich in vitamins and amino acids for hydrating, tightening, andanti-aging.
• Chamomile Facial: Great for calming irritated, compromised skin - expecially good for acne and rosacea.
• Ginseng and Pearl Facial: Great for brightening and rejuvenating your complexion!

NEW Body Wrap Upgrades Available!

Our Specialized Body Wrap Upgrades have been so popular that we are excited to announce 5 NEW UPGRADES for a total of 9 upgrade options!

The new upgrades offer specialized formulations of herbs and essential oils for specific results. Do a single upgrade, or combine two or more upgrades to customize your Body Wrap experience and results.
See our Body Wrap Page for more details.

NuCell-u-Smooth Found to Dramatically Increase the Results
of Liposuction Surgery and other Lipo Procedures!
NuCell-u-Smooth treatments are great to assist ANYONE who has had liposuction surgery, Nu Lipo-Ex Tickle Lipo, Smart Lipo or Cool Sculpting. NuCell-u-Smooth preformed about two weeks following the other proceedures promotes healing and increases the effectiveness of the Lipo treatment.
Visit our NuCell-u-Smooth Page for more details on these benefits.

We Treat Clients of ALL SIZES!
Did you know that you have to be within your ideal weight to have liposuction, Tickle Lipo or Smart Lipo? Did you know that you have to be a "certain clothes size" to have the treatment Cool Sculpt done?

Not so at NuBody Solutions... we take you as you are!

We have a wide variety of products and services to help you become the most healthy, happy, beautiful version of yourself!

All our services are
and DO NOT
require that you to be
the perfect size
before treatment

What to Expect from a FREE Consultation
When you come in for a consultation, we personalize your plan unique to you and your body, skin & health goals.

 We focus on the spending one-on-one time with you and after listening carefully to you, we use our expertise to develop a program that suits YOUR needs and YOUR budget. We REALLY LISTEN as you tell us what bothers you, what you want to change, and how you want to feel in your own skin!

Don't put it off any longer...

Call us TODAY to discuss your goals! 389-0001